Today marks a week without coffee.

I stopped drinking it last week because I kept getting dull headaches after recovering from my fever last week. Normally coffee helps me recover from a headache, but I just decided I needed to detox for a little bit.

It hasn’t been a caffeine-free week though, since I still drank tea and there’s caffeine in Panadol Extra.

I find it a little strange because I still wouldn’t classify myself as a coffee junkie (i.e. I don’t need to drink coffee if there’s nothing I need to do), but I’ve been using it to get through the day a lot in the past few years.

Anyway, the headaches are mostly gone, alhamdulillah, so maybe ditching the coffee at least for a little while helped.



One thought on “Rehab

  1. the love of your life says:

    they tried to make me to go to rehab i said noooo no noooo.

    i ain’t got the timeeee…

    eh just like what you always say!

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