Future planning


I know its far too early to begin to think about such things, but I’ve got an idea of what I’d like to see in my bedroom in the future. Living on less as I have been for the past year gives me the perspective to understand that I can guiltlessly throw out the clutter in my room (save for the small mound of trash I would no doubt be adding to a landfill somewhere).

Still, I think I’d like to finally replace my desktop PC with a laptop. Azumi has been helping me put together custom-built CPUs for a number of years now, but I think I’ve come to the realisation that it’s been pretty futile. I don’t game anymore, so I don’t need custom parts. I just need something that works. What I’d like is a multimedia-oriented notebook PC (I’ve been looking at choices from HP and Acer in particular),  hooked up to either an LCD monitor or an LCD TV that would serve as a second monitor or just something to watch TV on while I’m on the computer.

I’d also probably replace my parents aging laptops with new ones. My mum would probably get a netbook with a 10″ (although I guess by this time next year we’ll be up to 12″ as a standard)  screen. I’m just a little worried whether she’d have to squint to see the screen properly.

That’s about it for now I guess.



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