A couple of weeks back, LG and I drove out to West Coast Park, the first time either of us (I think) had ever been there (okay she did the driving). From the name alone I’d always imagined it was something like East Coast Park, but on the other side of Singapore. Or maybe a Bizzaro version of East Coast Park, where all the campers would be Chinese. Or something.

Anyway, to me at least it’s more like a combination of the parks at Pasir Ris and Sembawang. There’s no actual beach there, but instead there’s a big sandbox in the middle to make up for it. Next to the water is something I want to say is a breakwater, but I know that’s not the right word. It’s right next to the port, which seems like it would be a terrible place for a park but it’s strangely enough a nice place for a quiet night out. Maybe it’s just a nice change of scenery after living on the east side all my life.


One thought on “Wessstsssssiiiiideeee

  1. lindagunther says:

    Please also do not forget the monster creatures that hide in the mini plants along the breakwater thingy and that skitter across the breakwater thingy, playing catch. And costing me several years of my life.

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