Unemployed, all null and void

I’m unemployed again and have been for the past two weeks. The institute was supposed to have kept me on until the next edition of their magazine came out or they hired a permanent staff member to handle it, but I guess the management didn’t want somebody without experience handling it so neither happened and I’m back to looking for a job.

Mostly it was because the news came so suddenly, I guess, that I was more incredulous than anything and my last day at work really didn’t feel like my last day. I’d been there for seven months, a pretty long while by the institute’s standards and longer than some perm staff.

What’s kind of scary is looking through my jobs applications folder and realising how many resumes I’ve sent out over the past year compared to how many replies I actually got from companies. I’ve lowered my standards considerably I think and would just be happy to be employed right now. Insya-Allah whatever comes my way is good for myself and my family.



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