Marley and Me and me

LG and I watched Marley and Me a few weekends back. It’s a good movie. Knowing the ending already I was expecting tear-jerking theatrics but it’s actually low-key for the most part, which was a pleasant surprise.

I’ve heard that most songs and stories, etc deal with only the beginnings and endings of relationships because that’s where all the drama is. So it’s nice to have a depiction of a marriage that simply is, with all its ups and downs. It keeps things simple.

It stuck with me for a long while after the credits rolled because sometimes all you expect out of our short time on this planet is a simple life spent in the company of the ones you love.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

is a quote that pops in my head every once in awhile, and apparently it’s from John Lennon. And while I’ve never smoked a bong I have played a round or two of Donkey Kong in my day, so maybe it’s time for me to surprise myself.

So thank you, as always, to LG for making life that much better and for allowing me to see a future beyond next week.


PS: Before watching the movie we headed for the arcade at Leisure Park Kallang. It was a lot of fun (for me, at least) so I’m hoping this might be a regular thing. *hint hint* I mean, I had no idea there was a Mario Kart Arcade.


One thought on “Marley and Me and me

  1. lindagunther says:

    I so touched ah! Just for that, we can go to the arcade again soon. I’ll even let you win a race or two. 😛

    Eh you didn’t mention how I wiped my snot on your jacket while watching Marley and Me. hur hur.

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