Bridesmaid Blues

I went to the wedding dinner of two old friends from JC on Saturday evening, and it was great. Seeing the two of them so happy and finally hitched after seven years together. And meeting old friends was a blast. Considering how long it’s been it felt really really good to see them again, and my old teachers too. Seeing the groom talk about the “pastor” (kadi… seriously) and how he had to repeat his nikah, and singing Bryan Adams’ Heaven (complete with guitar) were the kind of touching moments you only get between two people who were meant to be together.

The couple had the good fortune of having been friends for a few years before getting together after JC when they were a bit more mature. Both being in the teaching profession meant that they didn’t have to worry about career stability either. They have happiness in spades, I think.

Of course, after the euphoria died down a bit the next day, I came to the realisation that wasn’t going to be me on stage any time soon. Which led to a fair bit of depression of my part and some “trying to make sense of everything” moments.

I’m feeling better now, but still trying to make sense of things.  I kind of wish I’d taken more photos on Saturday though.


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One thought on “Bridesmaid Blues

  1. lindagunther says:

    this saturday. i’ll sing it for you. now i go memorise the lyrics!

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