Like Mike Skinner, I love my phone

Consumer pressure to buy a new phone is always there. But I’ve been very happy holding on to my Nokia 6120 Classic for a year now. Part of it is I guess the fact that this is the first phone I’ve had that I’ve actually done things with.

I used to be one of those people who hated when people talked about their phones (and this was back when mobile phones didn’t do jack). Now though, I use my phone to listen to the radio, play MP3s, play games and check the internet (not too often). I’ve got a Qur’an app and an ebook reader in there. I know none of this is very impressive, but I’m not a difficult person to satisfy (I think).

So even though my phone isn’t terribly fancy, getting new apps helps keep it alive so I’m not too tempted to get a new one.


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