Achmed’s work updates

Work is good, alhamdulillah. My current job has me in a self-help organisation. I’m in the skills training department, which works to upgrade people’s skills (a very Singaporean thing, yes) to improve their employability. People often bitch and moan about the nature of organisations like the one I’m in (i.e. that they don’t do enough, there’s too much bureaucracy… which are valid concerns) , but on the whole I’d like to think society is better off with them than without.

My work currently involves a lot of paperwork, which was scary at first for me because I’ve been historically terrible with paperwork at all the office jobs I’ve held. With that having been said, I’m slowly getting the hang of it and managing pretty well. It might be a little corny to say so, but I’m grateful to sites like Lifehacker and Zen Habits which really help me out with getting organised and time management and things of that nature. As LG knows very well I can’t plan for nuts so I could use all the help that I can get. It also helps that my predecessor is still in the same building to help me out anytime I need it.

Soon I’ll be doing more outreach to promote the programmes under our organisation’s umbrella though, which is interesting. I’m supposed to be going out to mosques and companies and the like to speak to people. It’s new and a little scary, but it’ll be good, insya-Allah.

Also, for the first time possibly ever I’m in a position of semi-authority, being the third highest ranking person in my department. So far though it doesn’t feel that way since I also have the least experience. People don’t treat me any differently because of it though, and I hope I live up to the challenge.

Also, my organisation is 90% women. In most of the offices I’ve worked in the gender ratio tends to lean disproportionately in favour of the women, but it’s particularly striking here. At my induction I got this exchange…

Staff  #1: I have a daughter in poly… (looks intently at me)

Me: ?!

The next day…

(in the middle of conversation with another person before turning to me) Staff #1 (Same person): Do you have a girlfriend?

Me with jemput-jemput in my mouth: ?!

I’ve gotten flirted with/hazed on once by an engaged woman (clearly because I was entirely uncomfortable with it) and got told by my colleague (who’s twenty and getting married later this year by the way) that her fiancé has forbidden her from going to lunch alone with me.

Don’t worry LG!

Anyway, that’s work in a nutshell. Alhamdulillah I’m happy with what I’ve got and insya Allah I will benefit from everything that comes my way.



One thought on “Achmed’s work updates

  1. LG says:

    WAH! The girls there so GATAL!!!!!

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