Work updates

It’s tough to hear that from your boss that your job has sucked the life out of you, which is almost literally what I heard from my boss yesterday. As my previous posts would’ve shown, I haven’t been enjoying my work at all, and naturally as a result it suffered. I think a couple of months back any enthusiasm I had for my position just fizzled out, even with a change of job scope and I’ve been going to work for the sake of my pay cheque. It’s a sad state of affairs considering how enthusiastic I was when I actually started at my workplace. This is actually the longest I’ve continuously been at any job and it’s genuinely distressing to think I might be useless and not able to hold a job down.

My boss, I feel, has been generally supportive and is now moving me to another department to see how I fare there. They’re definitely not going to hold on to me if I mess things up again. I’m hoping for the best, but at the same time I realise I have to cover my bases and have an exit strategy in case things don’t work out.

Insya-Allah everything turns out for the best.



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