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You Must Learn

The wife and I have decided to upgrade our afterlife skills by pursuing the Program Takrif Islam course through PERGAS. It’s a ‘basic’ course, no doubt, but there are many areas that would be considered ‘basic’ where I feel like I am genuinely lacking as a Muslim, and I was attracted to the fact that there is a progression path for those taking the course on to Sijil Pengajian Islam, Sijil Lanjutan Pengajian Islam, Diploma Pengajian Islam and the Bachelor in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage, offered in conjunction with the International Islamic University Malaysia. Given the heritage and leadership of PERGAS, I trust that I am in good hands and I pray insha Allah that whatever knowledge I gain is beneficial in this life and the next.

I really feel like maybe I missed out a little in not studying beyond the fundamentals of Islam when I was younger, and that all this is is a chance to play catch-up, as I move into my thirties. And I understand that this is but a small dip into the ocean of the wealth of Islamic knowledge, and that to truly pursue knowledge (and wisdom) will take a lifetime, and even then it will never be enough.  I just read this post, and it was both relevant and immensely humbling. Wa Allahu Alam.

In wordly matters, I think that to some degree my lack of experience and relevant knowledge in the areas I wish to explore career-wise is hindering my job progression. To that end, I’ve decided that I want to pursue a certificate in visual communication/graphic design, and take a second degree or a masters in mass communication. It’s what I should have done in the first place I realise, but maybe my head wasn’t in the right place when I was younger and in any case there’s no point complaining about what’s passed, just to look forward to better things in the future, insha Allah.

Wa Allahu Alam.

Peace be upon you.

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Further studies?

NITEC in Digital Media Design

Maybe it’s a little ass-backwards to be taking this instead of a diploma covering similar topics, but the course seems well thought out. I’m sure a certificate course put together well is worth more than a slapped together diploma course?