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Linda Gunther and Achmed Djaki getting married

I don’t know who I’m really writing to, but as stated earlier LG and I are getting married. It’s exciting and at the same time a really scary proposition, because it’s a really big step into adulthood proper that we’re taking. And the arguments we had after our decision to cement the deal have been pretty big. I’ve personally seen engagements, marriages and relationships in general go wrong in all sorts of ways in the past few years with my own eyes.

And yet, I think LG and I can make this work. I don’t know how to talk about this without resorting to the clichéd, but she completes me and makes me whole. A few years back I couldn’t imagine that I could spend my life with anyone, and now I can’t imagine that I could spend the rest of my life without her.

We’d wanted to plan more than a year ahead, to have the ‘ideal’ wedding that both of us would be happy with. ‘Circumstances’ resulted in us pushing the date six months forward, and when it came down to it we’re both happy. Getting married is something we’d both been looking forward to, and there simply wasn’t a good reason to make it sooner rather than later.

There are going to be plenty of obstacles and trials and tribulations from here on, and even after we’re married of course things will not be perfect, but we both understand that and are willing to make it work.

Succinctly, then: LG and I are going to be man and wife in a little under a year, and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂


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Among the things I have on my plate right now…

  • Getting married, and consequently needing to prepare for the wedding, and married life
  • Brushing up on my religious knowledge in light of my upcoming marriage
  • Trying to do well at a job that I increasingly find unsatisfactory…
  • …while simultaneously trying to find a good new job elsewhere
  • Trying to figure out when the remnants of my corn surgery will heal so I can get back to working out properly, and wear proper shoes


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Life’s Good

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, but it’s such a huge thing that I really didn’t know how to write about it. LG and I have been together officially for a little over a year now, and honestly it’s been the most rewarding time of my life. It hasn’t been roses, and especially in the beginning we fought a lot. In fact the entire reason for us being together in the first place is that she was upset with me, which was entirely deserved, and that led to us finally confronting our feelings for each other. The fact of the matter is that I dragged her along for awhile, and I guess unwittingly toyed with her emotions because I felt I didn’t deserve her affection or that I didn’t feel like I was ready or responsible enough for a commitment. I can’t be sorry enough for that.

So back to it being rewarding, I think that the fact of being in the relationship itself moulded me into being ready and responsible for one. I matured a lot over the course of the year, and LG has been my closest friend and given me so many immeasurable things, like more love and affection than I deserve, and some of the best advice a man can get.

What made it difficult, especially at first, was that this was our first relationship. We both came in with preconceptions and notions of what a relationship would be like, and that really increased the friction between us. But we mellowed over time, learning and adapting to each other. Neither of us actually listens to the other person at first of course, but we just sort of grow into each other so that changes were made gradually rather than overnight.

And it’s been great. I still mess up regularly, and I don’t really understand what she sees in me, but somehow managed to pull the wool over her eyes and make her think I’m a great guy. Maybe one day she’ll realise her mistake.

We’re trying to make something permanent of this in the future. I wouldn’t have gotten into this relationship in the first place if I didn’t think it was leading somewhere, and neither of us are getting any younger. It’s not going to be easy, because speaking for myself I don’t think I’m terribly mature, and we’re not CEOs of multi-national corporations. But it’s something we both want (I hope) and while of course I have my worries, settling down doesn’t present me with any sort of crisis, existential or otherwise. LG is the one I want to be with, and insya-Allah we can work things out.

I love you LG.

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