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I opted not to renew my gym membership. It wasn’t a terribly expensive membership, being a Sports Council gym rather than any of the higher end commercial gyms (although truth be told I got the membership so that I would feel obligated to go, as I’m sure many do).

While I still feel the urge to lift weights (anybody who works out can tell you you can actually feel your muscles atrophy slightly when you stop going to the gym regularly) I’ve picked up the slack a bit by running. I used to run regularly, then on-and-off and then not at all outside of hitting the treadmill at the gym. I’m slowly picking up the pace.

I used to not be able to run at all before NS, any type of running would leave me winded. That’s at least one thing I’m grateful to the SAF for.

One of the things I really like about running is that it gives you time to think, away from the distractions of the world. I really like the solitude and while these days I find it difficult to run without having earphones plugged in I’m thinking of doing away with the mp3s/radio and just running for the sake of it. Running; good for the mind, body and soul.