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Trapped in between the Lines

I kind of miss blogging. I have this blog now of course, but it’s pretty hidden as far as these things go and very few of my friends even know it exists. And it’s preferable that way. First of all is because I talk about work on occasion and that’s never a good thing to put out too publicly, especially these days. Secondly because I talk about my relationship with LG and while it’s a lot more public than it used to be in the beginning frankly I’m a little wary of putting that out too publicly. With no disrespect to anybody who puts the ups and downs of their relationships online it’s just not for me. Certain things I like to keep closer to the chest.

I have a sort-of public blog now, but I never update it because between this blog here and Facebook, I really have nothing more to say. I suppose more than anything else I miss public blogging because writing is my primary outlet of expression, and the fact that other people actually had an interest in anything I had to say was an ego-booster. The nafs, the id, whatever you want to call it, is a ravenous thing I guess.

Kundera called it graphomania, the desire to write and be read by throngs of the anonymous. However, in recent years the need to write has been balanced out by the realisation that I have very little of actual worth to say. It’s a difficult realisation, to say the least, and one I find difficult to reconcile with the fact that writing is one of the few things I do with any level of skill.

Wa Allahu Alam.